Book Collecting

Similar to stamp collecting and coin collecting, book collecting is also a hobby, where people collect books of their favorite authors, subjects etc. The books that are collected need to be organized and catalogued so that it is not difficult to find them later. The biggest library is a LOC. They must also be stored and maintained with care so as not to damage the pages. A person who is in love towards collecting books and reading them is called bibliophile. The term that denotes the love towards books is called bibliophilia. Earlier, collecting books was mainly concerned with collecting manuscripts that are of historical importance. But later, the term is common among people collecting books for their pleasure of reading.

Collecting books is one of the easier and inexpensive tasks as there are thousands of book stores both offline and online. You can also get books as new, used, etc and hence you need not spend more money. There are many tips on about starting your book collection.

Collecting first edition books of certain authors is a dream for many and such books cost higher than normal books. There are many associations as well, for the collectors to join and express themselves among others who are of same interest to them. Books come in various themes and genres. Based on your interest, you need to collect books. You can collect books of a particular author, theme, illustrator, publisher etc. There are books on art, painting, cooking, regions, religions, culture, history, geography, and many more. Comic books and books on sports and games are of much interest to children. Hence, it is important for you to identify your interest and collect books based on your interest. Books are the best part of acquiring knowledge. Enjoy reading books and sharing knowledge with your friends.